Google Local Guides

Many of us use Google Maps, Google Business and other Google tools regularly in some form. They’re incredible resources that are partially fueled by the base map tool itself, as well as local businesses reporting their own information. But a volunteer program called Google Local Guides also plays a huge role in the accuracy and completeness of the information people search for when it comes to navigating communities and the businesses and places they visit. This program supports local businesses, helps searchers find what they need, and informs online users about what matters to them in their community....

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Edge Advertising Group PR Specialist to walk in fashion show for breast cancer...

Edge Advertising Group is proud to announce our Public Relations Specialist Danielle Lorenzo will be walking the Embrace Your Sisters runway at their Tea At Two Fashion Show Fundraiser on May 1st at Casa Larga Vineyards, in Fairport.

Danielle has been working with Embrace Your Sisters (EYS) for the past few years, delivering Public Relations and Social Media services. She loves the work EYS does, supporting breast cancer patients right here within our communities and is honored to continue to help get the message out about this amazing nonprofit...

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Danielle Lorenzo - Edge Advertising PR Specialist
Metrics, metrics, come again some other day…

Two messages we want advertisers to receive:

  1. Advertising metrics are not going away.
  2. Investment in advertising metrics from the past remains valuable.
In an effort to protect consumers, the collection of consumer metrics, quantifying actions consumers take at various points during their buying cycles, is being challenged. Yes, as advertisers and managers of their advertising, we worry about what this change will bring to our future ad buying decisions...

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Lost at a Cost

How are you protecting your online access information? If it is not easily accessible or lost, there will be a cost, played out in time spent, to gather this needed information.

Access to your online spaces should be guarded like you would your financial accounts. You do not want someone gaining access to your spaces and making unwanted changes. Nor do you want to pay for your staff’s time spent on trying to locate this information and involving advertising agency time to guide you through the process.

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Networking Value Spotted in Metrics

Whether you are a business or organization, both desire visibility. Are you being remembered? One metric to review to answer this question is contained in your email marketing reports.

It is common to see a 20% eblast OPEN rate expectation across the advertising industry. There are many reasons as to why this happens (we will address at another time) and it may be higher because you are not seeing the OPENs from those who are blocking that transmission of data. Nevertheless, we are all on a similar playing field, being subjected to forces we cannot control. When we see Edge Advertising Group clients earn double or even more than double the standard OPEN rate, there is a common thread.

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After the Personal Referral

Many businesses believe that prospects find them through personal referrals. Some of these businesses have tracked the metrics; others get a sense of this happening through oral communication with prospects. Either way, it is most likely true. Humans have a need to trust and we trust those who are in closer relationships with us. The question is, after a referral is made, how can you increase the chances that the referrals will call, email, or visit?

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Add Voting to Your Daily Routine

You may read this Blog post title and think about our political elections. We have something different in mind.

If you read our April Blog post, you have the scoop on the annual Reader Rankings, hosted by the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) and The Daily Record (TDR). Need a refresher? Visit:

In summary, this campaign is offered as ‘earned’ exposure, versus paid advertising; however, a business/organization can add paid advertising for additional exposure. The well-publicized frequency of this campaign, by voting daily and the coverage through the RBJ and TDR, boosts local visibility.

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Vote and Often

You may read this Blog post title and think about our political elections. We have something different in mind.

In March, you may have been asked to vote online, through the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) or The Daily Record (TDR) websites, to nominate one or more businesses in predetermined categories. That request was made, not only for you to vote to show your support, but to continually do so through the first 26 days of March!

Why vote daily? Frequency. There is value in frequency. When humans encounter the same message ‘frequently,’ memories are sparked. In advertising terms, with the name of a business being etched into your memory, you have a greater chance of thinking about that business when you embark on a relevant decision making process.

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Hands Raised

By asking, you can benefit your Customer Relations, Sales, Employees, and website SEO. Yes, even website SEO.

What should you be asking and to whom do you make the requests? The ask is: Please review our business online. Pose these requests to your customers.

There are a few consumer-oriented businesses which seem to naturally motivate people to write online reviews. For most businesses, however, you have to overtly ASK to receive online reviews.

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Find Treasures in Your Connections

Are you fully utilizing all of the ‘visibility treasures’ through your connections? If you belong to networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, or other business organizations, investigate opportunities to make your business visible. Here is a check list for you to follow in your treasure hunt:

___ Website directories need to match your name, address, and telephone number, exactly how it is listed on your business website. This is important so not to confuse the search engines. If additional space is available on the directory, add a list of your products and services, with links to the relevant pages of your website. Perhaps images and video can be added, too. Mark your calendar to return for updates.

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Benefiting Others through Holiday Gatherings

Did you react to the ‘Gatherings’ in the title? COVID has stimulated a new emotion in us in response to this word. We have learned that virtual gatherings and distanced gatherings still work, however. And that is what we are doing in the 10th year joining with others in supporting the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots collection campaign.

For the past 10 years, Edge Advertising Group has ‘gathered’ staff, clients, Chamber of Commerce members, networking groups, family, and friends, to collect new, unwrapped toys for this annual drive.

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Value of Google Ads on Upswing

What can Google Ads do for your business?

One consistent value of Google Ads as an advertising tool has been the ability to capture attention of individuals at any point of the buying cycle, real time. Individuals seeing Google Ads have typed keywords into their browsers, which relate to the keywords in the respective ads. This search bar action is what initiates the related ads to appear. Once Google Ads makes these references to your website, there is a greater chance that visitors will come. Kinda like "if you build it they will come!"

What has changed?

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Beyond Fearing Facebook Live

Wanting to try Facebook Live, but feel unsure on how best to proceed? You're not alone. Join us in this adventure!

Facebook Live is a feature available on Facebook Profiles (personal) and Facebook Pages (business or organization). You can create a video which is live online at the time you are recording it. The video can be posted on your account for future viewing, too.

It’s worth your time to develop a feeling of comfort with this communication tool because of its benefits:

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FB Live
Community Connections

We believe one mission of Edge Advertising Group (EAG) is to connect community members.

Through all of our contacts with prospects, clients, Chambers, networking groups, community service organizations, we have been given an ‘inside’ view. The local good is visible. As a result of our ‘inside’ view, we have an awareness of need and opportunities. We have been given that awareness – to do something. One action we take is through the act of overtly connecting our contacts, not only to increase their visibility, but to channel resources, too.

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EYS Donation
Phased Opening Online Checklist

Getting reading to open? Already open? Does your task list contain evaluating the status of your online presence? If not, we recommend you consider adding the following tasks, in the listed priority order:


Links – There have been so many business changes during COVID, do not assume all of your website links to outside sites still work. Go through each page of your website, clicking on site links, to verify that they still lead to the information you are trying to connect to the viewer.

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Supporting Your Business, Employees, and Other Local Entrepreneurs

As the business world transitions to mostly remote and online work, we can all take initiatives to support our businesses and one another.

Through the many channels of social media – it is important to provide updates and changes about your business practices, to inform your customers/employees. Post if there are business hours that have changed, safety initiatives, or any other updates – it is key to keep everyone informed. Also, through social media, we all can assist other businesses by engaging: commenting, liking, and/or sharing posts, so they reach more eyes.

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The Power of Color and Design

I’m sure by now you have seen the 3D image of the coronavirus, with the red protruding clumps – the face of the virus. This 3D image has probably been used thousands of times as the background of newscasts across the world.

After doing some research, I stumbled upon a well written article by Colette Gaiter from Fast Company. As a visual communicator, she shares examples of how companies are illustrating the virus – some designs show a more relaxed depiction of the virus while others are more alarming. And she makes a great point – with the seriousness of this virus, shouldn’t the designs be more alarming?

Communicating about the pandemic, red is being used to instill fear; the color red is everywhere. Have you noticed how much the color red is being used lately? Emotionally, red translates to fear, aggression, powerful, etc. Red demands a call to action. Would using purple or yellow have the same effect? Probably not.

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Information Overload?

With the Coronavirus outbreak, we are being introduced to loads of information and stories at our fingertips. You can’t turn the television stations, log into social media, or talk to peers without seeing and feeling the affects of the illness. Edge Advertising Group advises the public to take a look at the following advice to ensure the right precautions are taken.

  1. Utilize accredited organizations (, banks, lawyers, accounting services, local/national news channels). Misinformation has the ability to spread fast through social media and hearsay. Fact check the information you receive against multiple sources. Make sure you are paying attention to where the information is coming from.

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Community Service – Mothers In Need of Others (MINO)

We support Mothers In Need of Others (MINO), which serves Rochester families in need. They are an emergency assistance program, supporting 92 agencies and churches when their supplies are running low. Current needs include: baby care items, personal/feminine hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and paper products. If you can donate any of these items, please contact; (585) 348-8596.

To read more about this community-service agency, visit:

Over the years, Edge Advertising Group has supported Project Urge, the parent organization of MINO. by collecting toys at Christmas time, wrapping gifts at their price-reduced Christmas Store in Rochester, collection of baby items, and Public Relations services.

If you are looking for an opportunity for your team to work together in supporting our greater community, visit This organization has many different types of community service, for you to choose a service need which reflects the gifts of your team.

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Our Why

People make their best decisions when well informed.

People remember information when it is presented frequently, in different ways.

Edge Advertising Group creates and places information on all communication channels.

Watch the video below or find it here.

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The Domain Registration Threat

The most frequent domain registration issue we are presented with is when someone contacts our office, very concerned, that their website is down. Upon investigation, we find that the annual domain fee was never paid and the Domain Registrar had placed the URL on the open market and someone in the world bought the URL.

Why is this a problem? Your URL is valuable – –

  • search engines have learned about your site through the URL associated with your website
  • time online has value to the search engines
  • online visitor traffic to an URL has value to the search engines
  • how often the website, known by the URL, has been updated, has value to the search engines
  • past advertising investment in promoting visitation to the URL
  • for Google Ads users, the URL has grown in value overtime, affecting visibility and cost-per-click
  • viewers remember or have bookmarked your URL

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Filling Your Own Teeth

Do you fill your own teeth? Even if you are a dentist, your answer is probably “NO.”

From an advertising agency perspective, we often find that the same thinking process, as hinted at in the words above, is not applied to the services we provide. Many people think of themselves as creative, good oral and written communicators, social media experts, media buyers, event planners…and on We believe you, but do you know all of the success factors?

As an agency, we deliver advertising services to our clients, utilizing the following:

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