Lost at a Cost

Lost at a Cost

Detective Image How are you protecting your online access information? If it is not easily accessible or lost, there will be a cost, played out in time spent, to gather this needed information.

Access to your online spaces should be guarded like you would your financial accounts. You do not want someone gaining access to your spaces and making unwanted changes. Nor do you want to pay for your staff’s time spent on trying to locate this information and involving advertising agency time to guide you through the process.

What access information should you keep? Think of all of the online spaces your business is represented on, i.e., website, Domain Registrar, Google My business, search engine citation claiming, social media, organizational membership directories… The important information to keep includes:

  • URL (Where online is the space access?)
  • Username
  • Password

This is a universal problem, exacerbated by staff turn over and with it, lost information. There has also been a rapid expansion of online spaces with which we are involved in today’s business world.

Control your business expenses. Know and protect your business’ online access.