Find Treasures in Your Connections

Find Treasures in Your Connections

treasure in connectionsAre you fully utilizing all of the ‘visibility treasures’ through your connections? If you belong to networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, or other business organizations, investigate opportunities to make your business visible. Here is a check list for you to follow in your treasure hunt:

___ Website directories need to match your name, address, and telephone number, exactly how it is listed on your business website. This is important so not to confuse the search engines. If additional space is available on the directory, add a list of your products and services, with links to the relevant pages of your website. Perhaps images and video can be added, too. Mark your calendar to return for updates.

___ On the Social Media platforms you use, follow all of the members in your business groups. Consider business pages and appropriate personal profile connections. Then seek opportunities to Like, Comment, Share, Repost…, which provides the opportunity for your name/business name to keep reappearing! Keep adding all of the new members, too.

___ What do you need to do to be included in their newsletters? With click-through options on enewsletters, this provides an easy escort to your website or other online space. This type of representation can also be included in your News page of your website.

___ What opportunities do you have to speak or even host an event? Giving a presentation provides a communication channel to highlight your products and services, along with some of the benefits. Hosting an event at your place of business further acquaints members with your business. The more senses involved, the more likely the memory will surface when your products or services are needed, so serve good food! Plus, consider the value of the pre-event communication that announces your presentation or event, providing even more visibility.

___ Prepare for your networking meeting. Pick one point you want to highlight and prior to the meeting, post about the topic. Then during the meeting, refer to the post for more information. And include in your ‘ask,’ “Please Like, Comment, and Share.” This activity communicates to the platform that the information is being valued and the platform in turn will further share your post. Also, hand out your business cards with the Social Media icons displayed, as a reminder of your invitation to visit.

How many website directories, Social Media mentions, newsletters, and events can you add to your found visibility treasures this month?