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What do your clients and prospects think about your business or organization?

What they think matters more than what you communicate.

Through our owners’ two plus decades of advertising experience, they have built a team that develops proven methods to help impact how your target audience thinks about you.

Ultimately, our goal is for your target audience to think of you in the way you want to be known, when they are ready to begin their decision-making process, involving your products or services – branding.

Our desire is to earn placement within your partnership of experts, driving your business forward. Plus, we would like to join you in strengthening our community through volunteer service.

Support the image for which you want to be known. Let Edge Advertising Group (EAG) do our best work, Shaping Your Brand.

Staying Connected

Clients find EAG through professional and personal connections with the founders. They are seeking advertising services, but just as important, they want to protect their business and ensure they are welcoming trusted professionals onto their team. Once relationships are formed and services delivered, EAG’s history is one of long-term client retention.

Our Process

EAG works with clients to affirm their business or organization goals, define target markets with whom they want to communicate, create communication to reach those markets with needed repetition, analyze results, and plan for greater success moving forward, all within budget. We apply this process for your single campaign or throughout your marketing program, over time. Our services include both digital and traditional advertising production: website development, search engine optimization (SEO), hosting, and online reputation management, digital advertising (Google Ads, email marketing, Social Media, on-hold messaging, digital media), Public Relations, event planning, media buying of print, radio and television, graphic design.

Monthly meetings with your management team allows for the reviewing of results and future planning to be discussed and adopted. For the analysis, we access, review, and analyze metrics, collect documentation of Public Relations activity, and review online and traditional messaging. We look for client input from a business management prospective, then we discuss recommendations to ultimately earn increased visibility from the right audience. Plus, we are always a phone call or email away, and engaging with you through our Chamber of Commerce memberships, professional networking, and community service.

Responsive to Your Needs

Our team is ready to respond to client needs, digitally or in person.


Online Presence

Nearly all of your advertising efforts pass through the online world before a connection is made with you through an email or telephone call. Business and organization legitimacy is measured by your online presence...

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Digital Advertising

With a polished website image and a solid online presence, you are ready to invest in additional digital advertising through Google Ads, email marketing, Social Media, on-hold messaging, and other digital advertising...

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Public Relations

Edge Advertising Group (EAG) has been delivering nearly two decades of Public Relations services to our clients. However, the practice of Public Relations has been utilized for a long time, dating back to the early 20th century!...

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Event Planning

As part of an effective Public Relations strategy, event planning helps you celebrate milestones, recognize employee achievements, raise awareness for your business...

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Media Buying

Effective media buying is both an art and a science. But there’s much more to this advertising necessity than simply agreeing to a date and rate. In order to be successful, it requires...

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Graphic Design

At Edge Advertising Group, our team of experienced graphic designers create unique, memorable, and modern looks for your brand. We work with you to bring your visual ideas to life...

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Our history is a strong foundation for our team...

Diane McClure

Diane McClure

Full of energy and charged digitally, Co-Owner Diane McClure earned her undergraduate and masters degrees from The Pennsylvania State University. She has been part of the Rochester advertising industry for more than 17 years and serves on the Boards of the Fairport-Perinton Chamber of Commerce as the Public Relations Director and is Chair of the Webster Chamber of Commerce. Diane frequently attends American Marketing Association and Public Relations Society of America events and is a member of Rochester Women On The Move. She and her husband Ray reside in Fairport. The couple has a daughter living in New York City and a son residing locally. In her spare time, Diane enjoys skiing, tennis and water sports.

Over serve, in the minds of your clients. - Diane McClure

John Rabish

Co-Owner John A. Rabish graduated from Utica College and SUNY Brockport and holds a BS degree in Political Science. He serves on the Boards of the Federation of Social Workers, Alyssa’s Angels, Christopher’s Challenge and the Twilight League of Rochester. In his free time, John enjoys golfing, attending Syracuse basketball games and taking part in family activities. He resides in Pittsford with his wife, daughters, and extended family.

I have found that successful business relationships, much like personal relationships, are built on honesty, fairness and trust. - John Rabish
John Rabish