Metrics, metrics, come again some other day…

Metrics, metrics, come again some other day…

Charts Image Two messages we want advertisers to receive:

  1. Advertising metrics are not going away.
  2. Investment in advertising metrics from the past remains valuable.
In an effort to protect consumers, the collection of consumer metrics, quantifying actions consumers take at various points during their buying cycles, is being challenged. Yes, as advertisers and managers of their advertising, we worry about what this change will bring to our future ad buying decisions. The good news is: there is no need to worry. There are many agencies with mathematical and information technology gurus who are working feverishly to develop the future collection of advertising metrics, within federal and legal boundaries set. Metrics are not going away.

During media buying in the past, you may have been exposed to more metrics than your appetite for them. You have invested time on these metrics and money. The money involvement comes from agencies with which you work and the media ultimately placing your ads. Their involvement in metrics is wrapped up within their respective costs of doing business. So, does this past investment have any future meaning? Yes it does. Even if the type of metrics and the ways in which metrics are collected in the future change, these aforementioned gurus still look back at these historic metrics to help define and justify what they are seeing in the present day metrics.

Advertising metrics are not going away. Investments in advertising metrics from the past, still have value.