Value of Google Ads on Upswing

Value of Google Ads on Upswing

Getting comfortable with Facebook LiveThe value of Google Ads continues to rise.

What can Google Ads do for your business?

One consistent value of Google Ads as an advertising tool has been the ability to capture attention of individuals at any point of the buying cycle, real time. Individuals seeing Google Ads have typed keywords into their browsers, which relate to the keywords in the respective ads. This search bar action is what initiates the related ads to appear. Once Google Ads makes these references to your website, there is a greater chance that visitors will come. Kinda like "if you build it they will come!"

What has changed?

Enter the many different mediums which exist to capture the attention of our eyes and ears. For one, let's consider the growing popularity of podcasts. One and a half million podcast shows have been reported by!

We even see the re-resurgence of older forms of entertainment consuming our attention, like vinyl albums. They are projected to surpass CD sales this year!

All of us feel this bombardment of communication and resulting choices, CONSTANTLY.

The problem...

As new and old ways to listen and view have entered our world today, our attention to these sources have been fractured - divided over many different medium choices. So we as business owners are left with the question: Where can we find our target audiences for cost-effective and productive advertising?

One answer with priority -

Google Ads.

No matter where you decide to place your advertising message (we believe in five to seven different communication channels), if listeners or viewers are ready to enter the buying cycle or already in that cycle for your products or services, the majority will choose to conduct a search to investigate their options. That is where you want to position your business - in the search results. Google Ads will increase the chances that your website will appear as a result of those searches.

What did I learn by reading this Blog post?

Bottom line - there are many distractions in our world. Plus, we have been told that we do not multi-task as well as we would like to think. For those who encounter advertising messages and go in search of more information, Google Ads will direct their searches. Do you want that direction to lead to your business?