Networking Value Spotted in Metrics

Networking Value Spotted in Metrics

Whether you are a business or organization, both desire visibility. Are you being remembered? One metric to review to answer this question is contained in your email marketing reports.

It is common to see a 20% eblast OPEN rate expectation across the advertising industry. There are many reasons as to why this happens (we will address at another time) and it may be higher because you are not seeing the OPENs from those who are blocking that transmission of data. Nevertheless, we are all on a similar playing field, being subjected to forces we cannot control. When we see Edge Advertising Group clients earn double or even more than double the standard OPEN rate, there is a common thread.

The common thread we see, shared by our clients with higher OPEN rates, is based on familiarity. When you are addressing an audience which knows of you, this increases the chances of securing attention and perhaps responses. This is why including your business/organization name is important for the Subject Line to contain. The words used in the Subject Line will have an impact on the OPEN rate, when they spark the feeling of familiarity.

Recognizing your business/organization name is earned through networking. The process of networking is broad and may include both face-to-face encounters as well as through an array of mediums. Bottom line: these encounters need to continue to keep your business/organization top-of-mind - - familiarity.

It is comforting to know that your business/organization name brings a warm feeling to readers and listeners. Take a look at your email marketing metrics over time. Are you seeing the value of networking through 40%+ email OPEN rates?

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