The Domain Registration Threat

The Domain Registration Threat

Person at DeskThe most frequent domain registration issue we are presented with is when someone contacts our office, very concerned, that their website is down. Upon investigation, we find that the annual domain fee was never paid and the Domain Registrar had placed the URL on the open market and someone in the world bought the URL.

Why is this a problem? Your URL is valuable – –

  • search engines have learned about your site through the URL associated with your website
  • time online has value to the search engines
  • online visitor traffic to an URL has value to the search engines
  • how often the website, known by the URL, has been updated, has value to the search engines
  • past advertising investment in promoting visitation to the URL
  • for Google Ads users, the URL has grown in value overtime, affecting visibility and cost-per-click
  • viewers remember or have bookmarked your URL
Yes, a new URL can be registered, but your website will start all over again, working to earn search engine attention and branding across your customers and prospects.

How does this happen? Small businesses, in particular, often rely on sole website development professionals to build their websites. These sole proprietors come and go and leave no trail as to website access and forwarding of domain registration announcements which are due.

As an Edge Advertising Group client, your domain registration and renewal maintenance are taken care of by us. We are a team of 12 and have been in business for over eight years, the co-owners working together for the past 17 years. Look for this type of longevity when seeking website development professionals.