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Google Local Guides

map/ road Image Many of us use Google Maps, Google Business and other Google tools regularly in some form. They’re incredible resources that are partially fueled by the base map tool itself, as well as local businesses reporting their own information. But a volunteer program called Google Local Guides also plays a huge role in the accuracy and completeness of the information people search for when it comes to navigating communities and the businesses and places they visit. This program supports local businesses, helps searchers find what they need, and informs online users about what matters to them in their community.

Local Guides contribute to many facets of Google Maps and Business, including but not limited to reviews, ratings, photos, videos, answers, edits, adding places, editing directions, fact checking, and Q&As about locations. Reward points are earned for each accepted and/or verified contribution from Local Guides, and those points translate into Levels and Badges. People who sign up as a Google Local Guide don’t do it for monetary gain, but for the community aspect and helping share their knowledge and experiences with others. It is also admittedly fun leveling up and watching the upgrade of your badge. Google additionally sends out random thank yous from time to time - our EAG Level 7 Local Guide (over 5,000 points) has received items such as a Google tote bag, Google Map socks, Google mouse, and other fun items as tokens of thanks; but it’s mostly about the contribution and sharing of information with others. Local Guides influence how millions of people interact with and explore the world and help make an impact on their communities.

Interested in becoming a part of the Google Local Guide Community and starting to contribute? Just visit the sign-up page https://www.google.com/localguides/signup and enter your location to begin.