Phased Opening Online Checklist

Phased Opening Online Checklist

Reopening PhotoGetting reading to open? Already open? Does your task list contain evaluating the status of your online presence? If not, we recommend you consider adding the following tasks, in the listed priority order:

Links – There have been so many business changes during COVID, do not assume all of your website links to outside sites still work. Go through each page of your website, clicking on site links, to verify that they still lead to the information you are trying to connect to the viewer.

Online Citations
Where are you represented in online directories? Visit those spaces and update your hours status.

Google Ads
Remember to have these ads re-started. We find website traffic increases of 25%+ with our clients using Google Ads.

On-Hold Messages
What are callers hearing when they are placed on-hold? This air-space needs updated too.

Social Media
Hours – Visit each of your Social Media platforms and ensure your hours listed are correct.

Cover Photo – Consider having a horizontal image made to communicate your open status.

Posts – Don’t over-do it, because we all are getting tired of reading COVID updates, but post your first open week, week two, and end-of-month, to make your open status visible. Remember to pay to boost these posts so your message will earn more visibility. These are pay-to-play advertising spaces.

Organizational Memberships
COVID Updates – Many organizations are listing member updates on their website. Ensure your ‘open’ status and hours are represented.

Directory Listing – Is the information for your business still accurate? Investigate adding your COVID update in this space too. Remember, the average person stays on a website for 2 pages. Maybe they will never see the COVID Updates page.

Email Marketing
Once you are cleaned up online, you are ready to invite viewers. Send out an eblast announcing your open status. Review resulting reports which show who is paying the most attention – they become your priority.

Digital Advertising
This is a cost effective way to deliver your open status. Enhance all of the efforts above through digital advertising. Seek out your favorite media buyer to assist in the identification, evaluation, negotiation, tracking and analyzing of this visibility tool.