With a polished website image and a solid online presence, you are ready to invest in additional digital advertising through Google Ads, email marketing, Social Media, on-hold messaging, and other digital advertising.

Google Ads

Search engine advertising is a way to generate the most visits to your website, in addition to “earning” clicks organically. Every time your ad is clicked, sending a visitor to your site, you pay the search engine a small fee. Google AdWords is by far the most popular search engine advertising platform. Our digital advertising team at Edge Advertising Group (EAG) can help your message get seen in search results – and help you reach your goals.

  • Research the online market and develop an effective online advertising strategy
  • Develop keywords and keyword phrases, as well as manage keyword positioning
  • Establish keyword bids
  • Identify keywords to avoid and block
  • Provide copy for ad lines
  • Identify and/or create relevant website landing pages and align with ad lines
  • Increase website visits
  • Report and analyze performance metrics
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Email Marketing

From eblasts to e-newsletters, email marketing helps keep your business top of mind with clients and prospects. This online marketing tool is an ideal way to promote your products and services, as well as share news about milestones, employee promotions, certifications and much more! It also escorts clients and prospects to the next step in the buying cycle. Providing easy and multiple ways to sign up for future emails will help to expand your client email database, too.

  • Design and write eblasts, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Provide HTML coding for optimal presentation and accessibility across various devices, screens and browsers
  • Create an easy sign-up process through your website, Social Media, email marketing, etc.
  • Set up “click-throughs” to escort viewers to the next buying-cycle step
  • Add tracking codes for performance evaluation
  • Conduct spam checks to ensure email providers receive no “spam flags”
  • Track email results per email address
  • Produce accountable reports
  • Analyze data and develop future plans

Social Media

By enabling prospects and clients to engage easily via a channel that plays a role in their everyday lives, Social Media fosters an “emotional connection” to your brand. From conceptualization to design, optimization, content development, and advertising, the Social Media experts at Edge Advertising Group will custom-tailor a program that meets your needs, complementing your staff’s work and allowing you to get more from your Public Relations investment.

  • Set up your Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs
  • Add relevant keyword content and optimal business categories
  • Ensure consistency of name and contact information
  • Choose images to visually and emotionally develop a brand connection
  • Meet cultural expectations of communication on each platform
  • Set up add-ons, i.e., review requests, e-blast subscriptions, contests, events, custom needs
  • Strategize content sharing (type/schedule) for optimal interaction, ensuring maximum visibility
  • Coach personnel
  • Manage advertising
  • Build an emotional connection with your clients/customers
  • Increase the value from your Public Relations investment
  • Monitor and evaluate engagement performance
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On-Hold Messaging

On-hold callers are a captive audience. This is why it’s crucial that the messages clients and prospects hear while waiting to speak with a representative from your business “hold” their attention, serve their needs, educate them and sell your products and services. On-hold messaging also enhances your company image and creates a sense of a short-time wait, all while preparing callers for the “next step.”

  • Copywrite your on-hold scripts
  • Provide professional voice talent
  • Engineer licensed music
  • Engineer the audio production
  • Deliver productions via the web (hands free)
  • Supply hardware and manage installation of equipment as needed
  • Monitor electrical and network connections in real-time
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Additional Digital Advertising Tools

There are many forms of digital advertising, some of which we addressed in earlier sections of our website. Other labels include: Geo-Fencing; IP Targeting; Display Advertising; ReTargeting; Mobile Apps... Each of these digital tools serve a role, which needs to be carefully evaluated and defined for each business/organization. Typically, connections made through these tools are with prospects that are not focused at the moment on your product or service; therefore, the connections you make through these tools are much earlier on in the buying cycle. That is why it takes more ads to earn a result. Also, population numbers need to have a certain critical mass for these tools to work well. EAG partners with national firms offering these types of digital services. Ask your EAG contact about these tools for a deeper understanding.

Digital Advertising