Supporting Your Business, Employees, and other Local Entrepreneurs

Supporting Your Business, Employees, and other Local Entrepreneurs

Support Local GraphicAs the business world transitions to mostly remote and online work, we can all take initiatives to support our businesses and one another.

Through the many channels of social media – it is important to provide updates and changes about your business practices, to inform your customers/employees. Post if there are business hours that have changed, safety initiatives, or any other updates – it is key to keep everyone informed. Also, through social media, we all can assist other businesses by engaging: commenting, liking, and/or sharing posts, so they reach more eyes.

Brick and mortar shops and restaurants are struggling during this epidemic. Consider ordering take-out, buying a gift card, or shopping online. You can call or message your local businesses if you have questions; some are utilizing apps like GrubHub.

The break in the stressful business cycle can allow for time to look into areas or things that have been put off. Do you need to update your website? Would your customers benefit from eblasts? Do you need to refresh your logo and graphics? The slower pace can help you get into projects or paperwork that you have been too busy to tackle.

As a small business ourselves, we are here to support you. Whether we engage on your Facebook page, offer some communication tips, or pick-up some take out, Edge Advertising Group is trying to give back to fellow small businesses during this time. We hope you support local as well!