Add Voting to Your Daily Routine

Add Voting to Your Daily Routine

Rochester Business Journal - Vote Graphic If you read our April Blog post, you have the scoop on the annual Reader Rankings, hosted by the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) and The Daily Record (TDR). Need a refresher? Visit:

In summary, this campaign is offered as ‘earned’ exposure, versus paid advertising; however, a business/organization can add paid advertising for additional exposure. The well-publicized frequency of this campaign, by voting daily and the coverage through the RBJ and TDR, boosts local visibility.

It is now time, in this month of May, from the 3rd to the 28th, specifically, to cast your votes for your choice of businesses listed on the ballot. Vote DAILY. Here is how: VISIT ~



  1. Start to vote (you will be asked to enter your email address if you are a first-time voter)
  2. Look for the category in which you want to cast your vote(s)
This process will take you less than five minutes each day. It is a productive way to support your clients/customers, business partners, Chamber members, networkers, and your fav businesses.

And while you are voting, we would appreciate your consideration of Edge Advertising Group!

  • General Business/Best Advertising Agency
    Edge Advertising Group
  • General Business/Best Digital Marketing Firm
    Edge Advertising Group
  • General Business/Best Media Buying
    Edge Advertising Group
  • General Business/Best PR Agency
    Edge Advertising Group

  • Technology/Best Web Design Firm
    Edge Advertising Group

  • Best Overall Company to Work For (1-75)
    Edge Advertising Group