Filling Your Own Teeth

The Domain Registration Threat

Dentist OfficeDo you fill your own teeth? Even if you are a dentist, your answer is probably “NO.”

From an advertising agency perspective, we often find that the same thinking process, as hinted at in the words above, is not applied to the services we provide. Many people think of themselves as creative, good oral and written communicators, social media experts, media buyers, event planners…and on We believe you, but do you know all of the success factors?

As an agency, we deliver advertising services to our clients, utilizing the following:

  • daily work in our areas of expertise, perfecting skills;
  • continual digital learning with ever changing platforms;
  • multiple work examples across industries from which to learn;
  • daily communication with the media, resulting in knowing all of the current contacts and having developed a relationship of trust.

No, we do not fill our own teeth; we hope you do not try to fill your own teeth either. We DO hope you take advantage of what the advertising industry knows about advertising.