Vote and Often

Vote and Often

Ask signYou may read this Blog post title and think about our political elections. We have something different in mind.

In March, you may have been asked to vote online, through the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) or The Daily Record (TDR) websites, to nominate one or more businesses in predetermined categories. That request was made, not only for you to vote to show your support, but to continually do so through the first 26 days of March!

Why vote daily? Frequency. There is value in frequency. When humans encounter the same message ‘frequently,’ memories are sparked. In advertising terms, with the name of a business being etched into your memory, you have a greater chance of thinking about that business when you embark on a relevant decision making process.

This voting process, named by the RBJ and TDR, is called Reader Rankings. It is an annual online event with nomination voting held in March and selection of the top three winners in each predefined business category through daily voting in May.

Sound silly? Bothersome? These feelings may be evoked, but it works. Typing in business names during the nomination process and ultimately reading through business names on the final ballot becomes part of your memory.

By the way, please look for the opportunity to vote for Edge Advertising Group in May - - daily, of course!