At Edge Advertising Group, our team of experienced graphic designers create unique, memorable, and modern looks for your brand. We work with you to bring your visual ideas to life. Our designs are tailored to your print and digital needs.


  • Learn about you, our client – goals, characteristics,...
  • Research the market – competition, opportunities, challenges
  • Build an understanding of the customer
  • Represent unique qualities
  • Differentiate to stand out among the competition
  • Create visuals which fit your values and culture
  • Develop an emotional connection
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Earn credibility
  • Apply consistently to all forms of communication
  • Affect what is held in the mind of the consumer
  • Prepare to evolve


  • Research local and industry trends
  • Concept and create one-of-a-kind logo and branding statement choices
  • Add contemporary flair to an existing logo and branding statement
  • Create multiple design formats for use across all platforms


  • Critique your existing collateral materials
  • Concept and create eye-catching solutions
  • Develop copy and designs that connect with consumers
  • Escort consumers to the next step


  • Provide copywriting and graphic design services that maximize digital format capabilities
  • Build digital experiences to engage consumers
  • Create file sizes to meet media specifications
  • Deliver to media schedule