February 1, 2016

What is Google Doing to Us Now?

Google-my-businessOnline changes are many, challenging everyone to keep up, both personally and professionally (sigh). On the business side, the current Google change in process is moving businesses away from Google+, into Google My Business. Let’s review the take away, what Google My Business will bring to our business world, and actions we need to take.

Google+ is now strictly for personal use. For businesses, Google is ushering in the change, over time, to Google My Business, with completion expected in the next couple of months. On Google+, business information on Business Pages and supporting tabs are being removed. Additionally, Google+ is not showing up in searches.

Google My Business, like Google+, is free to businesses (until that changes~). Its goal is to connect businesses to customers (we like that). Google plans to accomplish that goal by encouraging businesses to provide current and accurate information online. From Google’s vast data, they know what consumers desire most and they know where to find these consumers. So, in a business directory like format, Google will deliver your business information to customers upon their demand, immediately (speed is good in our fast paced world)! The information will include name, address, business type, phone number, website, hours, reviews, and six categories of photos. This information will show up in search results, maps, Google Reviews, Google Insights, and YouTube. All the information will be clickable – – click-to-call on smart phones, click to visit websites, and access to reviews.

Take control of your business presentation by making sure YOU, not Google, is choosing what information is being shown. There is a process to follow which includes claiming and verifying your business profile, collected on one dashboard for business owners. Managers of the dashboard can be assigned, so owners can delegate the work.

Google is ushering businesses into Google My Business (there we will be; how will your business look?). This is one more online space Google has involved businesses with over time – – Google Places, Google+, Google Plus Local and now, Google My Business. Act now to ensure Google uses accurate and updated information about your business. Cleaning up your business information online can be intensive, but these actions directly effect how easily and consistently your business will be found online. Being FOUND online is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google has created a simpler method to accomplish this goal.

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