Visibility through membership

February 19, 2019

Visibility through membership

With what organizations is your business affiliated? Are members of these organizations your target market? If yes, read on.

Economical forms of advertising can be found through organizational memberships. When the members include those in your target market, investigate communication channels available to represent your business. Remember, it takes five to seven different communication channels directed at your target market, consistently utilized, to prepare the consumer to remember your communication when THEY are making a decision.

For example, Edge Advertising Group is a member of the Fairport-Perinton Chamber of Commerce and the Webster Chamber. Through our Chamber membership, we earn visibility with our small-business target through sharing content about our agency through the Chambers’ respective website directory and news, monthly newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and face-to-face events. We also are rewarded by developing business relationships through active involvement and willingness to accept volunteer leadership roles.

Investigate what communication channels your memberships afford your business. Ask about the process for content submission and time frame for scheduling. Use a resource for which you have already paid!

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