Tips for holiday visibility

December 11, 2017

Tips for holiday visibility

The holiday season is already underway.  Stellar marketing techniques can earn year-end success for businesses!  Not sure where to start or how to up your game?  Here’s a few tips for holiday visibility.

Get Personal, Behind the Scenes
Your audience always wants to see the people behind the brand.  During the holidays, those who are celebrating will enjoy seeing others celebrating, too.  Snap candid shots of decorated desks, bedecked halls, and coworkers in the holiday spirit.

Encourage Shared Holiday Photos
During the holiday season, most people’s thoughts turn to happy childhood memories.  Encourage your audience to share their favorite memories and photos with your brand.  Other ideas can include a unique branded hashtag for any social media accounts, such as #___celebrates____.

Change the Spotlight
One of the most powerful ways your brand can get noticed this season is to turn the spotlight onto someone else.  Instead of posting simply about your brand non-stop, highlight a charity that your brand is supporting, and offer a way for your customers to lend their support, too.

Focus on Needs
Take some time to think about what special wants and needs your specific audience has this time of year.  Better yet, ask a few of them. You could end up creating some powerful, useful content instead of more holiday dazzle.

Bring it Full Circle
Not everyone celebrates a religious holiday this time of the year; but, the vast majority of consumers do celebrate the New Year.  It’s a time to look ahead and to reflect over the past year.  Take the opportunity to tell your current and potential customers about your brand’s year.  Tell them how the company grew, what you learned, and most importantly what you are planning for 2018.

Here at Edge, we’re throwing ourselves into the holiday spirit whole-heartedly!  Check out our social media to stay updated with our festivities and what we’re doing this season!

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