Short Spots Can Be Advertising Gold

February 5, 2018

Short Spots Can Be Advertising Gold

Stopwatch secondsIn a world where Vine reigned supreme with only 7 second videos, advertising trends are following suit and trying to match our attention span. Just think about it: when you see a video on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, do you stop and watch the entire video every time? You may pause for a minute, watch the first five to ten seconds of the video, and if it is captivating, then you’ll watch the entire video. If you get bored or disinterested after a few seconds, you’ll scrap watching the video altogether.

Advertisers are trying to keep people interested within our current short-attention spans, plus earn added benefits.

This year, Superbowl ads were created for fifteen and six-second slots. These short ad slots cost millions of dollars and generated great profits for the companies because of the sheer volume of people watching and their strategic use.

Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, said in an interview* with CNN Money, “[A] common tactic is for a company to release its ad ahead of time on YouTube. It might seem counter intuitive to give away the surprise before you have a captive audience, but a good spot can generate welcome buzz.” If someone watches the ad on YouTube and enjoys it, he said, there’s a chance that person will talk it up to friends at a Super Bowl party before it even hits the air. By using these YouTube tactics as well as shortening ads, it’s creating a stellar environment in which advertisers are earning great revenue from the consumers.

Our Edge Advertising Group media buyer, Diane McClure, shared, “In the Rochester market, businesses and organizations have enjoyed short media spots, even down to three seconds, for over a decade. Short spots are a cost-effective way to reinforce a longer message which has been delivered to the same audience. In advertising, “frequency” is a secret sauce and short media spots buys that frequency.”

Short media spots match viewing habits, reduce total media costs, afford more media frequency, and have the potential to earn more revenue.

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