June 8, 2018

On-hold Messaging

When it comes to making appointments and calling for information, there is always one thing you can count on more often than not—being placed on-hold. But what you think about being placed on-hold may be significantly different than what studies are showing. While a customer is sitting there, waiting to be helped, they’re actually experiencing a myriad of different things: your business’s customer service image, the information you want them to know, and both of those combine to keep the customer on the line, happy, and satisfied. Let’s take a closer look at how on-hold messaging works in these different categories.

Company Image and Customer Service

You’ve worked hard to create an identity for your company. On -old messaging helps you keep that image with your callers by helping them understand that you value their time, patience, and business. You can use on-hold time to promote yourself to callers that are interested in your products and services. Let them know why you are the right source for their needs. On-hold messaging can also act as a virtual front door for your store, giving callers hints about the quality and innovations your brand holds for them. By maintaining contact with them for the few minutes you are on-hold, you can assure the customer that you are worth their time.

Hours & Services

While you’re busy, your on-hold message is running every day, sharing information about your company with your callers, and it gives your callers something to listen to after every time you say, “please hold.” On-hold advertising gives you the opportunity to answer the most routine questions that are commonly asked by callers, such as business hours, location, and driving directions. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to highlight your products, services, or capabilities, and lets callers know that you offer more than they think you do. On-hold messages give you the ability to cross-sell more of your products and services and keep your clients informed of new items available. You continue selling after that first sale by mentioning more of what you do. You’d be surprised how many callers will be saying “I didn’t know you also did that!”

Limiting Hang-ups and Preventing Lost sales

“Every time your phone rings, you’ve paid for that ring to occur! The one thing you absolutely can’t afford to have happen is that caller hang-up before you have the chance to serve them,” says On hold Inc. This is known as caller abandonment, and it results in lost customers, lost sales and wasted marketing dollars. Licensed on-hold music and messages are the only on-hold solution proven to keep callers waiting on the line for up to three minutes longer than silence, music or radio (illegal to use on-hold), reduces stress and frustration, and provides for a better overall customer experience. (source: https://www.onholdinc.com/mohblog/how-on hold-messaging-benefits-your-small-business/)

To conclude, with on-hold messaging, you greatly reduce the risk of hang-ups and lost business—with something interesting to listen to while they wait, your callers are more likely to stay on the line and wait for one of your staff to pick up. It helps you to keep your clients and prospective clients on the line. Listening to a nice, informative message while on-hold alters a caller’s perception of time and reduces their anxiety — time passes more quickly and they are not upset having to wait. When it is their turn and you pick up the phone to address their needs, they are ready to do business with you, and you have ensured the first step in what will be another great client interaction.

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