Boost Your Brand with an Expertly Crafted Media Buy

Effective media buying is both an art and a science. But there’s much more to this advertising necessity than simply agreeing to a date and rate. In order to be successful, it requires a strong relationship with the media and the expertise to ensure clients pay a competitive price. The media buyers at Edge have both. Whether for digital, television, radio or print advertising, we’ll help you reach the most people in your target audience – the most times possible – all within your budget.


  • Identify media reaching your target market to gain maximum visibility for your products and services, within your budget
  • Develop a strategy and plan tactics for specific media space
  • Analyze and compare media proposals for best use of space and competitive pricing
  • Negotiate media buy
  • Work with our creative staff to develop visuals, content and audio that maximize the use of various advertising formats
  • Manage scheduled production
  • Reconcile media affidavits to ensure advertising delivery and secure make-goods when necessary
  • Analyze performance in website metric reports

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