June 8, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse Application Gives Way to Trending Storylines

As June arrives, LinkedIn’s Pulse application leaves. This social media managing tool gave users several different methods to keep in touch with their colleagues, stay in the loop with the latest industries, and read up on trending news at companies. Users could save articles and like stories to easily share with their network. Notifications alerted the user to breaking news and when their connections were mentioned in the news. 

However, LinkedIn’s Trending Storylines, new technology announced on March 22nd, is now completely replacing Pulse. The LinkedIn Corporate Communications Team wrote May 3rd, “With the recent launch of Trending Storylines and the popularity of our relaunched feed experience, we’ve created a single destination to stay in the know on timely issues, news and what’s happening in your professional world. As such, we’ll no longer be supporting the Pulse app as a standalone experience as of May 31, 2017.” There is no effect on users’ abilities to post on LinkedIn, and users can still customize their feed preferences from the mobile control menu on each post — tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

 ​Trending Storylines, much like Pulse, is focused toward helping users discover and discuss news, and ideas from an enormous and diverse range of professionals. The LinkedIn team redesigned the feed experience so that in addition to the main LinkedIn feed, users also have access to Trending Storylines. This provides users with a completely customized experience made using a combination of algorithms and a team of editorial assistants. This means that if you work in marketing and advertising, you may see a post concerning business marketing, current trends, or webinars on improving writing and techniques to boost productivity inside and outside the workplace. Tomer Cohen, staff at LinkedIn, writes, “Each storyline will also have a unique hashtag associated with it, making it easy for you to join the conversation and add your own take on the issue. As the conversations evolve, we will continue to ensure you’re seeing the latest perspectives.” 

 ​Moving forward, when users continuously like and search certain topics, Trending Storylines will refine the LinkedIn Feed to reflect users’ personal interests. You can find Trending Storylines on your mobile homescreen under the Trending tab.

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