How do businesses benefit from social media?

November 14, 2018

How do businesses benefit from social media?

Businesses pay-to-play, when using Social Media to communicate with prospects and customers. There are rewards for this investment, fortunately.

VISIBILITY Your business will be seen through your posts and event announcements. Then viewers of this content have the opportunity to share it with others. Also, visibility results through your website being more visible in search results because the search engines positively respond to your Social Media use.

TARGET Communication efforts do not have to be wasted. Social Media can deliver them directly to your target audience through the careful selection of which Social Media platform you use and also via Social Media advertising and the respective demographic selections you are afforded.

NEW CONNECTIONS Need a way to connect with new prospects? Social Media advertising can drive your message to those who do not already know you.

BUYING CYCLE ESCORT The digital nature of Social Media allows for ease of use of URLs in your posts. These URLs will escort viewers to additional online information or registrations/engagements/applications, advancing consumer movement in the buying cycle.

FREQUENCY We always remind you that “frequency” is the advertising secret sauce. Without it, one-and-done advertising is wasted time and money. Social Media offers additional communication channels, which can be cost respectful.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Enhance the value of your Public Relations efforts through the use of Social Media. When the online news covers your story, use that link in posts to further its reach to viewers. Or, you can purchase rights to scan and use printed information from the Media.

REAL-TIME Advertising typically involves production time, before the communication can be released. Social Media posts can happen as events and information unfold.

Even though Social Media is a pay-to-play form of communication for businesses, it can be a cost effective resource to drive your business forward.

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