January 20, 2016

Facebook at Work – Coming Soon to Your Workplace?

Facebook is developing a new social media platform specifically for professionals called Facebook at Work. Similar to LinkedIn, it creates a professional work environment on Facebook that allows coworkers to interact in a professional venue.

A Facebook at Work account is created for you by your employer. While you cannot directly edit your basic account information, you can personalize your profile picture, cover photo and other details in the About section. If there is any incorrect information in your Facebook at Work Profile, you would need to contact your company’s HR department to have it corrected.

Content that is posted on your Facebook at Work profile can only be seen by your coworkers. Many of the features that you are used to on your personal Facebook account are also available through Facebook at Work. For example, you can still create groups, events, and receive notifications when interacting with your coworkers.

In order to use Facebook at Work, your company must first be using Facebook at Work. To set this up, click on the link below and fill out the form. Once your company is set up, you and your coworkers can get connected through your Facebook at Work account.

There are many pros and cons to Facebook at Work.


  • Communication between coworkers can be streamlined into one platform. Things like file sharing, messaging and more can all be done through Facebook in a professional setting.
  • Facebook is known for a good design and user-friendly interface. Facebook at Work is likely to maintain these qualities, which will help make it easy to use.
  • There is no cost for this service, at least at the moment.
  • Communicating with coworkers through Facebook will be fun as well as productive with Facebook at Work.


  • With everything done in one place, it is imperative that Facebook at Work is functioning properly at all times. If the site crashes, a lot of work could be lost.
  • Facebook has been known in the past for tracking users, collecting data, and selling that information without your knowledge or permission. Will Facebook at Work do the same?
  • There is the possibility, with multiple accounts, that you may accidentally post something personal on your work account, and vice versa.
  • While it may be free, there are likely to be ads.
  • While it is a great communication tool, Facebook at Work could also prove to be distracting.
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