November 28, 2016

Edge can help reach out to your customers for the holidays!


Email Marketing is one communication channel to use to keep connected with your prospects and customers. Five to seven communication channels are needed to keep your business top-of-mind by your customers. To gain performance results, emails should be customized to represent your business, graphically designed for digital space, and followed by actions taken from resulting reports.

CUSTOMIZED – Your business should be reflected in the visual of the email. It should not look like your competitors’ emails. This is an opportunity to further brand your business – – placing a visual in the minds of the consumers.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Working in the digital space comes with different specifications. For example, words used in the email have to be designed outside of the graphic or a blank white email will be viewed when consumers do not have their email display function chosen.

REPORTS – After an email has been delivered, reports are generated tallying numbers of emails sent, listing opens by email address, email addresses never receiving the email (due to wrong email addresses or firewalls), email addresses clicking to your website or social media sites, and email addresses requesting to be unsubscribed. Additionally, you can see how many viewed your email on a smart phone, tablet or computer, for future communication planning. From these reports, you can prioritize whom to contact next and secure updated email addresses before you loose contacts. Unsubscribes may point to an issue of which you are unaware and which may be able to be resolved through follow-up.

Emailed holiday greetings are cost effective, avoiding printing and postage costs. They serve as a visual reminder of your business. Also, the follow-up reports can help you prioritize and clean-up your email addresses for 2017.

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