December 28, 2016

Make sure your eblast recipients get the message!

Don’t hide your message within a graphic!

How many blank white eblasts did you receive this holiday season?

In addition to holiday greeting eblasts, we receive blank white-page eblasts throughout the year from many businesses, including Fortune 100s.

When the image display is not turned on by the email recipient (many email clients’ default settings are to block images and many users have their own preferences set to block unknown images in their emails), one of two effects happen:

1. Only the words are seen. (This occurs when the words are in text form outside of an image.)


2. A blank white page is displayed. (This occurs when the wording is placed within an image as a part of that image.)

The blank white space can be prevented. When you are designing an eblast body, make sure your copy is not embedded within an image, just in case the image is blocked on the receiver’s end. Also, choose words which will entice the viewer to turn on the “display images,” to show your complete message.

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