Community Service During the Work Day

November 16, 2017

Community Service During the Work Day

It is fun to watch a community service campaign grow over the years! Edge Advertising Group has been in a fortunate position to be a part of the ever expanding Henderson Ford Toy Drive for the past seven years.

The beginnings of the toy drive came from Randy Henderson’s commitment to serving our youth. For example, long before the toy drive, he was already engaged in a youth ministry role, working with imprisoned juvenile offenders.

The annual toy drive started with collecting toys for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. During these early years of the drive, other businesses were added as collection sites, with an opportunity to spread the message further. The drive became one of the largest collections of toys for the Toys for Tots program.

Three years ago, through a well tenured Rochester ministry, Project Urge, we were introduced to an Atlanta based campaign for a Christmas Store concept with very low priced toys, to allow for individual selection and a sense of pride, coming from the purchase process. This effort was added to the recipient list of the Henderson Ford toy drive. The Henderson championed collection is also one of the largest supplies of toys to The Furnished 4 Life Christmas Store at the Wedge Market.

All along the way, the local media has been very helpful in spreading the news of the toy drives, through print, television, radio, and online communication sources.

The Henderson Ford Toy Drive today is an example of community service and collaboration within the business community to get the job done.

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